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Extremely ecstatic to finally be homeowners.
Placentia, CA is officially our new town. Aaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

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Point B

Maui was magical…

Still sorting through the hundreds of shots I took but in the meantime…


Oh alright. Follow me already. :)

LoveGood Ink

Soooo I started an Etsy shop!
I got the name from the Harry Potter series — a kooky girl with a free spirit named Luna Lovegood. I knew I wanted to tie in Luna into the shop name somehow; this is sort of an indirect way :)

I’ve still got so many ideas and products to create…so stay tuned for more! But let me be the first to introduce you to LOVEGOOD INK

LoveGood Ink

Get 20% off your purchase with promo code: CHERRYLOVE :)

Acorns Adviser

Congrats, Jordan!
Really proud of my hubby for passing the Series 66!!! Next up — the Series 7.

And doing what we do best…

Eating out at Osawa

Eating out at Osawa
P.S.: The fried seabass at Osawa in Pasadena is AMAAAAZEBALLLLS!

Alicia V.

Since last post, I was able to finish the 3 movies from the Best Picture nominee list that I hadn’t seen:

1. Bridge of Spies
2. Room
3. Spotlight

Room was a bit too depressing for me. Although the acting was brilliant; both Brie Larson and the little boy, Jacob Trembley, were phenomenal. Spotlight had a great ensemble cast, but I wouldn’t have picked it as Best Picture. Bridge of Spies had some amazing acting caliber, especially the winner of Best Supporting Actor – Mark Rylance.

After watching Ex Machina and The Danish Girl, two amaaaazing movies from 2015, I think I’ve become obsessed with Alicia Vikander. Beautiful, talented, amazing. She’s making wonderful movie choices.


Best Picure

2016 Best Picture Nominees

I am determined to finish the rest of the Best Picture nominees before the Oscars airs tomorrow. I’ve got 3 left to go!

Best Picure

Just finished watching Brooklyn last night starring Saoirse Ronan and Emory Cohen. She is brilliant. And Emory Cohen…you fall in love with him instantly. Wonderful, feel-good movie.

Abby Lee Events

I was happy to help a friend get her new site up and running. Did a complete revamp. I love doing sites like these 😉 Totally up my alley. Check out Abby Lee Events! And if you’re ever in need of an event coordinator, she’s A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!

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Abby also started & co-founded Lou Lou’s Photobooth, an open-air photobooth for weddings and events in Southern California. I designed & developed their site as well. Here’s a peek:

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