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shallow = callow

Don’t be impressed by:
1. money
2. titles
3. degrees
4. looks

Be impressed by:
1. generosity
2. integrity
3. humility
4. kindness

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Level Up

“Every next level of your life will demand a different version of you.”


LoveGood Ink

LoveGood Ink - Feisty Printables for Weddings and Events

I started LoveGood Ink a few months ago, but I wanted to make a friendly introduction and give you a little tidbit of what LoveGood Ink is all about! After getting married over 2 years ago and creating a lot of my own wedding material, I’ve since helped friends & relatives with customized wedding designs — websites, programs, favors, signage, videos, etc. I accumulated a lot of digital imagery and designs that I felt could help others in their own planning and coordinating. But I also noticed that a lot of what was out there in regards to wedding design was a bit stiff, traditional, ceremonious…very cookie-cutter! I wanted to start offering brides more nonconformist, unconventionally quirky designs with personality and a mix of pop culture. I’m super passionate about design and anything related to the web (social media, development, design, apps). If I’m not hanging out with family or friends on the weekends, you’ll find me coding away at a website or reading Wired magazine on the treadmill. I look forward to getting to know YOU more, so leave a comment on IG or FB page and maybe introduce yourself and if you have an event coming up that needs some cool signage? I’d love that! ~ C.J. Luna
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Added value

Friendship is unnecessary, like philosphy, like art, like the universe itself…It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival.” – C.S.Lewis

Proximity to Produce

Funny how priorities change. These are the things that make me extremely happy now.
Whole Foods Market — 3.1 miles away
Trader Joe’s — 3.1 miles away
Mothers Market — 3.4 miles away
Sprouts Farmers Market — 4.3 miles away


High-Five, Universe!

“Look around you. Appreciate what you have. Nothing will be the same in a year.”

I have so much to be thankful for. Jordan and I have made some serious strides this year and still have so much planned. My heart is full and I feel a need to give thanks…

Dearest Universe,

  • Thank you for a house that we can finally call our own. After months of searching, being outbid, disappointments…we pulled through and found a charmingly quaint home where we can start growing our roots.
  • Thank you for this wild curiosity that burns inside of me to learn about anything and everything that I can in this life. Wanting to grow, evolve, and expand. Focusing my energy on positive vibes and higher, intellectual frequencies.
  • Thank you for the chance and luxury to travel and the freedom to enjoy it. :) This year has so far proven to be extremely eventful. And we’ve yet to plan our upcoming overseas trip in November! Extra, extra excited for that!
  • Thank you for…Orange County :) It’s the perfect little microcosm encapsulating everything that Jordan and I have been looking for…great food, amazing weather, the tech sector, diverse cultures, psuedo-hipsterness, and a hot market with property values that could only be going up.
  • Thank you for this life (and the next), thank you for love, and thank you for the daily pursuit of happiness.

Forever grateful,

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Letting go of blame

Such a great excerpt from How to be an Adult in Relationships by David Richo:


We may use blame and criticism to cover up needs that we have not expressed or that have not been met. Our essential needs await fulfillment behind all the ego layers: fear, attachment, control, complaint, and defenses. To state our needs rather than to blame others for not fulfilling them leads to the very openness and vulnerability that makes for authentic intimacy. Apply this knowledge by understanding the impulse to blame as a signal of some unmet need and stating the need instead of blaming. Change “You were wrong to do this” to “I need your attention, acceptance, appreciation, affection, or allowing.” When you find yourself thinking critically about a partner or friend (“You should stop smoking”), try changing the criticism to an affirmative, even prayerful, and kindhearted wish (“May you find the strength to stop smoking”).


In love with a coffee table that Jordan & I picked out. xoxoxoxoxo


Angled Base Coffee Table
We both have a different sense of style, yet furniture shopping and decorating hasn’t been so bad. Jordan is a tad bit more opinionated than the average man about decor…but that’s fine. #friendlyfire :) I would want that when people stepped into our home they’d sense a mix of Charity + Jordan. Not just one sensibility.

Initially I had wanted most of our home to be a mix of minimalist & mid-century, but the house is telling us that’s not the style it wants. It speaks…oh yes it does. It’s telling us that schoolhouse eclectic is more of the vibe that works. So we’re listening. :)